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3 Simple & Repeatable Ways To Impress Your Dinner Guests

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September 1, 2020

Wouldn't it be nice if there were easy ways to impress your dinner guests that didn't break the bank? You're in luck; there are. Below I describe three simple and repeatable ways to impress your dinner guests that are very easy on your finances. The result? You''ll quickly become the new favorite dinner host!

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This post contains affiliate links from Amehla. We earn a commission for the products that you click on to keep this site active!
This post contains affiliate links from Amehla. We earn a commission for the products that you click on to keep this site active!

Isn’t there some part in each of us that really wants to impress our dinner guests when they come over?

Whether it be through our cooking, our decor, or maybe our craft cocktail skills, there’s an undeniable impulse in us to “wow” our friends and family, isn’t there?

No? Just me?

Well, even if it were just me—which I’m confident it’s not—I’ve got some simple ways you can “impress” your dinner guests that’ll cause you to acknowledge that part of you that really does like to go above and beyond with hospitality.

These tips are simple, affordable and repeatable, and together they make for a great at-home dinner experience.

Have (Homemade) Drinks Ready To Go

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Have you ever been to a restaurant only to find yourselves waiting longer than you’d like for your drink? Many people enter their restaurant of choice thirsty and excited for their first drink.

As it turns out, the same is true even when the “restaurant” is your home.

People love a good, craft beverage. More than that, people tend to love it sooner rather than later. So, one quick and easy strategy for impressing your dinner guests, whether they be long-time friends or recently-met neighbors, greet them at the door and have some drinks ready to go.

(Though, no need to greet them with drinks—that could be a bit much if this is your first dinner together.)

Want to impress them even more? Make your drinks from scratch!

A lot of people are fine with water, a glass of wine, or any run-of-the-mill beer. But don’t you get excited when you arrive at a friend’s house and someone has taken on the role of cocktail master in the kitchen?

Well, once again, I do. I love it when my friends are applying their craft skills and knowledge to the drink world! The best part is that doing this is not as demanding as you may think.

I don’t want to overload you with cocktail tips (see here for those), but I do want to recommend putting together a cocktail list of 1-3 drinks for your next dinner party.

Where juice or citrus is required, choose the fresh ingredients always. Simple, repeatable and gives the impression of going “the extra mile” for your guests.

Speaking of drinks, there’s a related point in the neighborhood that contributes to your appearance of being a masterful dinner host.

Opt For Some Classy Glassware

three people having a toast using three clear crystal wine glasses
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When you’re serving up drinks—water, fresh juice, wine or a cocktail—opt for classy glassware.

Glassware, to the surprise of most people, is not as expensive as it looks (though it certainly can be were you to so choose).

On my wedding registry, I was sure to select the most beautiful, yet fair-priced glassware I could find. One such set included these Nick & Nora glasses. An additional set includes these old-fashion glasses. And, finally, even having nice water glasses is a plus.

There are also some fun beer and wine glasses you should consider adding to your glassware collection. Some wine glasses like this are a great place to start.

When it comes to beer, you’ll want to be sure to have glasses that can fit a standard 16 oz. pour.

One additional tip to keep in mind when thinking through what glassware to choose, it’s actually not crazy to consider the weight and feel of the glass.

Weight: if my guests will be standing for an extended period of time with their drinks, will the weight of the glass (combined with the weight of the beverage) eventually become annoying?

Feel: is the glass awkward to hold or is it comfortable?

These are detailed points to consider, but they definitely contribute to the overall experience. An additional contributing factor to the experience is your plate set-up.

Use Your Most Aesthetically Pleasing Dishes

four round white ceramic bowls on white surface
Photo by Tom Crew on Unsplash.

I love a restaurant with a beautiful plates. I prefer sleek, elegant, and timeless.

To be honest, in cases where the plates have been really nice, I’ve looked underneath my plate for a logo/producer after finishing my meal. I’m that weird.

There are thousands of options for plates and I certainly recommend against buying plate-ware that you’ll only use when you’ve got dinner guests. That’s just a poor use of resources.

Since having nice plate-ware no longer demands us to purchase china like our parents once did, we can choose the beautiful dinnerware that we’d likely use even if we weren’t hosting.

When choosing plate-ware, however, be sure to think about what kind of host you are or want to be come—big dinner parties or small ones with a few close ones?

House-made drinks made from scratch, some classy glassware, and aesthetically pleasing dishes (preferably made from ceramic or something like it) are easy, simply and repeatable ways to impress your dinner guests.

With these practices in place, you’ll quickly become the dinner host people love to visit.

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