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5 Good Reasons You Need To Start Using An Air Fryer

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September 22, 2020

My best friends had been trying to convince me for MONTHS to get an air fryer. It felt like it was all they were talking about. Well, I finally got my air fryer and now completely understand WHY it was all they were talking about. Here's the goodness I've discovered!

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This post contains affiliate links from Amazon. We earn a commission for the products that you click on to keep this site active!
This post contains affiliate links from Amehla. We earn a commission for the products that you click on to keep this site active!
This post contains affiliate links from Amehla. We earn a commission for the products that you click on to keep this site active!

Two of my best friends had been telling me for months how “incredible” and “amazing” their “air fryers” were.

They both had the same one—the Instant Vortex Air Fryer—and for a while there it felt like we didn’t talk about anything else except what they had cooked that week and what they were planning to cook the upcoming week.

“I get it, I get it,” I would say as I was listening to my friends. Deep down, I really didn’t need much convincing. I would have bought one after our first conversation.

It was my wife who needed the convincing, and rightly so. Isn’t there something in the name alone that sounds awfully conspicuous?

“Air fryer...”

You mean, you can achieve fried-food-like texture and taste without all the oil, mess, and stinking up of your entire home?

Yes, yes you can. So, a few weeks later we had an air fryer. We had come to a compromise. My wife could use the Target gift card we received as a wedding gift for whatever she wanted, while I was able to use our Crate & Barrel gift card however I wished.

It was an excellent deal.  Now an official owner and user of an air fryer, I’ve already come to see five great reasons you need to start using an air fryer now. Literally, as soon as you possibly can, you should get one.

Here’s why:

1. No More Oily Stovetops & Counters

Instant Pot 6-Qt. Stainless-Steel Vortex Plus Airfryer | Williams Sonoma
Photo from Instant Appliances.

In my home, my wife and I have a pretty great gas-burner stove. There are a few quick-boil burners on it that can bring water to a boil in a matter of a couple minutes.

Likewise, it makes cooking truly incredible. But as someone who really values a clean kitchen, there’s one big drawback: the oil splatter effect.

If you do the cooking in your household, you know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s pan-seared salmon, some sautéed veggies, or even a simple egg, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the oil splatter effect.

“Just put a lid on the pot or pan!” the dissenter will say. Well, as anyone who cooks knows, there are times when you don’t want a lid on because the condensation it creates negatively effects the dish. So, the result is oil all over your stove and, in my case, up above the stove on the cupboard and microwave.

The air-fryer effectively solves this problem. All of my veggies, most of my pan-seared proteins, I’m sure even an egg (with the right accessory)—it’s all done so well in the air fryer.

You can bake it, air fry it, or broil it. It’s up to you.

2. Far Fewer Dishes To Clean

black frying pan on stove
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

This point is related to the previous point.

As a result of cooking with the air fryer which utilizes one single cooking utensil—the basket in which you put your food—you no longer are cleaning two to three pans and a baking tray.

Nope; instead, one singular dish—the basket. Be careful when you clean it as it will be very hot if after immediate use, but that’ll be true for any utensil you’ve just cooked with.

If you’re like me and you love efficiency, this will be a game changer for you. You’ll save a few hours a month, if I had to guess, from cleaning time alone.

3. Cooking Time Will Be A Fraction Of What It Was

Vortex Air Fryer - Instant Appliances
Photo via Instant Appliances.

As you can tell, I really value saving time. I also value good-tasting food.

With the demanding nature of my schedule—full time graduate school, work, marriage, friendships, etc.—time is of the essence. It’s one of my few resources that no matter how hard I try, I can’t make more of it.

So, I’m avid about ways to save my time.

Recently, I did breaded chicken fingers with a thyme seasoning, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus in literally 20 minutes in my Instant Vortex Air Fryer.

The chicken was crispy while not dry, the asparagus and cherry tomatoes toasty and perfectly cooked on the inside.

Had I used my oven, this process would have been closer to 45 minutes and absent the perfectly coated crispiness of the chicken. Your cooking time will, most of the time, be cut in half or more.

Speaking of ovens, this brings me to my next point.

4. You Can Avoid Heating Up Your House With The Oven

I’m not sure where you live, but I live in California where we have random and pretty intense heat waves.

I also do not have air conditioning. This was one of my largest motivators for purchasing an air fryer—I needed a way to cook what I wanted to eat without turning my home into a literal sauna.

Cooking can already be a bit cumbersome at times; no need to make it worse by heating your with a 450 degree oven temp. One of the effects I noticed from this was a resistance to cooking and therefore a tendency to eat out more.

This is to say that I think buying an air fryer can be an actual investment for some people. If you find yourself resisting cooking for reasons like the ones I’ve just listed, the air fryer would be a great move for you.

Last and final reason.

5. You Get Fried Food Without All The Oil

Best air fryers 2020: Top picks from Cosori and more | CNN Underscored
Photo via Amazon.

I want to be honest with you. If you’re looking for the flavors of deep fried food, I’m not sure you will get that with the air fryer. You might, but I don’t think it’s likely.

Here’s why.

The air fryer is not a deep fryer. When you submerge an entire piece of food in extremely hot oil, it simply will take on a different flavor than if you don’t. This should come as a surprise.

What you will get is still deeply flavorful and tasty food, with all that crispiness that you really want. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I’m really after with the craving for something fried: that crispiness.

Air fryers deliver the crisp, without all the oil. Most people recommend using avocado oil to spray your food with before cooking in the air fryer. I agree; it’s tasty. But you can also change it up with extra virgin olive oil or whatever you prefer.

Notice I haven’t really said much about the functionality of the Instant Vortex Air Fryer versus its competitors. I’ll save that for a future post. The above reasons alone were sufficient for me to make the move to the air fryer, and I believe they’re sufficient for you too!

Enjoy your favorite foods cooked just the way you want without sacrificing your time, energy or the coolness of your home!

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